World Investor Week is a global initiative promoted by IOSCO - International Organisation of Securities Commissions to raise awareness and alert to the importance of financial education and investor protection. It is being held in 2020 for the fourth consecutive year, in over 90 jurisdictions. The CMVM rejoins this initiative, promoting together with the eight partners several activities aimed at reaching a diverse target audience.






  • 18h00-19h30
  • Webinar via Youtube channel
  • Target audience: Investors and college students
  • Organised by: Portuguese Association of Investment Funds, Pension Funds and Asset Management (APFIPP) / Euronext, with the collaboration of the MoneyLab Financial Literacy Laboratory


Interactive and very practical conversation about Saving & Investing, between the top representatives of APFIPP and the Portuguese Stock Exchange (Euronext Lisbon) who join Bárbara Barroso, from the financial literacy laboratory MoneyLab, to address and clarify topics such as the importance of savings, the fundamentals and characteristics of the capital markets and investment funds and pension funds, as instruments for savings application.

The audience will be an active part of this webinar, since you may ask questions, which will be directed by the moderator to APFIPP and Euronext.

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