World Investor Week is a global initiative promoted by IOSCO - International Organisation of Securities Commissions to raise awareness and alert to the importance of financial education and investor protection. It is being held in 2020 for the fourth consecutive year, in over 90 jurisdictions. The CMVM rejoins this initiative, promoting together with the eight partners several activities aimed at reaching a diverse target audience.






  • 15h00-15h45
  • Webinar
  • Target audience: Members and general public
  • Organised by: Portuguese Association of Financial Analysts (APAF)


The Portuguese Association of Financial Analysts promotes a meeting for members on the importance of financial information in times of crisis and the vital role that financial analysis plays in management decisions and investor options.


Programme :

Introdution : Manuel Puerta da Costa (Chair of APAF Management)

Guest Speaker : Raul Marques (former Chair of APAF and Member of the Consultative Committee)


  • The importance of Annual Reports and Accounts for the different company stakeholders
  • The importance of Profitability, Solvency and Liquidity Indicators in times of crisis
  • Why base sustainability on the ability to generate cash (cash flow analysis)
  • Transparency and professionalism, as driving forces for investor confidence
  • The certified Financial Analyst has additional responsibilities, but also generates increased confidence
  • This Crisis is different. But as with previous crises, knowing how to anticipate change is of vital importance.

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