World Investor Week is a global initiative promoted by IOSCO - International Organisation of Securities Commissions to raise awareness and alert to the importance of financial education and investor protection. It is being held in 2020 for the fourth consecutive year, in over 90 jurisdictions. The CMVM rejoins this initiative, promoting together with the eight partners several activities aimed at reaching a diverse target audience.






  • 09h30-11h00
  • Webinar via Zoom
  • Target audience: 11th and 12th grade high school students of Colégio Amor de Deus
  • Organised by: ASF, Banco de Portugal e CMVM, within the scope of PNFF Portuguese National Plan for Financial Education) /Todos Contam


09h30 - Opening Session
Maria Natália Soares dos Santos, Head Mistress of ‘Colégio Amor de Deus’
Rui Pinto, Member of the CMVM Management Board

09h40 - Speech by the PNFF Coordination Committee – Session presentation

09h45-10h30 - Streamlining the session on “Saving and investing cautiously”

10h30-11h00 - Game to test students' knowledge via the Kahoot platform

11h00 -End of Session


Awareness raising on financial issues in the digital universe, capital gains, risks and safety measures.


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